Our Story

We got started in 2016 when our founder discovered some Bakhoor-making supplies in the attic one day. She had never made Bakhoor before but the memory of the wonderful scents and fragrances wafting through her home as a child had never left her. After much trial and error, she was able to refine and perfect her own modern approach to Bakhoor, based on those memories from her childhood. Now, we produce Bakhoor and other kinds of burning products, ready to be sent to you, so you can share in the beauty and the memory of a typical Yemeni home.

Soothing Fragrances & Luxurious Perfumes

Take a look at our store and feel the passion and love we have for our craft yourself! If you have any questions, send us an email at enquire@bakhoorluxe.co.uk to ask any questions you may have.

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Bakhoor incense burner next to natural ingredients.



Our Beliefs

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our burning products! That’s why we make all of our products completely free (wherever possible – please enquire) from any kind of animal products, alcohol, petroleum jelly or nuts so, whether you have ethical, religious or dietary preferences, they’re covered and you can enjoy the scents of our Bakhoor, completely guilt-free. We make all of our products from scratch, by hand, to order so, if there are any ingredients that you’d like excluded or any particular scents you love or hate, just get in touch and we’ll be sure to adjust your order accordingly. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, always!



Our Products

For the Incense Burner

Our most popularr classic Yemeni Bakhoor, made with a modern twist on a traditional recipe. We also offer a variety of bridal, Cambodian and Luban Bakhoors, all with their own individual scents, made by hand, to order. We make these products because of our passion for home and for peace in our home lives.

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For the Bathroom

Using the same fragrant oils that go into our Bakhoor, we also make soaps, hair and body washes and scrubs, so that you can carry that classic Yemeni fragrance with you and keep yourself feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. These washes, scrubs and serums are all made from natural products and ingredients, for everyone.

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For the Home and Car

Our burning products has multiple uses around the home and comes in several different forms. We make them this way so that you can enjoy the scents and perfumes of Yemen without burning. Scented beads, reed diffusers and oil bottles provide the same soothing fragrance, with no fire involved – perfect for homes with inquisitive young children!

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Everything we make, we make with passion for you!

If you have any special requests or requirements, send us an email at enquire@bakhoorluxe.co.uk to tell us what you need. The most important thing to us is that you’re happy with what you purchase! Besides that, take a look at our store and pick up some Arabian incense today.

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