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Each of our Artisan products are created with the love and passion of a home cook whipping up a storm in the kitchen. The kitchen, where we make all of our products, its our happy place – an escape from the busyness of day-to-day life, with relaxing, harmonious scents filling our lungs and reminding us of home as we re- create traditional, natural Yemeni Bakhoor products made in a modern way that respects and reveres the traditions of the Arabian home. Our products are always created using natural ingredients, containing no animal fat, alcohol or nuts. Our products are for everyone and will leave your home and body smelling luxurious.



Charcoal oud burner for bakhoor.


Scent Your Home

If you’re ready to revitalize your home with our scented oils and Bakhoor, or anywhere else in the UK, take a look at our store and find the scent that’s right for you.

Our Classic Fragrances

Bakhoor, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Musk & Rose

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Bakhoors for Burning and Smoking

bakhoor burner and oils

All of our oud Bakhoor consists of pure, natural bases, combined with a special mix of natural spices, as well as ground wood chips, all soaked together for months in our secret perfume mix, the traditional way, to ensure the authenticity of each product. This treated mixture is then slow-cooked for many hours, to provide this divinely-scented result.

Adeni Bakhoor

Produced in the style of traditional Adeni  Bakhoor, the process is the same. Revering tradition, but with a modern influence, we have created a new style of “Modern Bakhoor,” that will delight the senses.

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White Bridal Bakhoor

Designed and produced specifically for the wedding day, this type of Bakhoor is produced with the highest quality wood chips, spices and fragrant oils, to create a unique sensory experience, marking two people’s stepping into their new life together.

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Manatti Mamool Cambodia

This style of Bakhoor is produced using a special combination of wood powder, spices and Cambodian oud oils, producing a very particular scent, reminiscent of the Orient. This is a traditional Cambodian recipe handed over to us by a friend of the company.

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Luban Bakhoor

More commonly known as Frankincense, Luban provides the base for this particular type of Bakhoor. It is combined with our own Bakhoor, as well as fragrant spices, to produce a particular scent.

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For Washing and Cleansing

Body scrub infused with bakhoor fragrance oils and hands scrubbing.

We produce soaps, scented with a variety of traditional aromas and natural ingredients, to produce a product that purifies and refreshes, as well as cleans. As a customer, you have the option to choose which ingredients we include, so your soap is designed around your needs and desires, by hand.

Body Cream

Scented with various fragrances and natural oils to produce a distinct and soothing cream that delights the senses. Suitable for regular and dry skin.

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Body and Hair Serum

A Vegetarian-friendly mixture of base oils and serums, combined with our own scented oils, to produce a beautiful aroma.

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Zabaad Cream

A body cream made from natural ingredients, with a beeswax base, mixed with a scented oil of your choice, to leave skin smooth and fragrant.

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Home-made Perfume Oils

Alcohol-free perfumes for application on skin and clothing. They will give you a beautiful scent as you go about your day.

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Bridal Sandalya Oud Oil

High-quality wood powder makes up the base of this oil, which gives off a distinct and unique fragrance that will delight and sooth the nostrils.

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4LZ Bakhoor Oil

Our classic Bakhoor, in the form of a scented oil. For use around the house or on the skin and body, so you can carry the scent of home with you, wherever you are.

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Bakhoor Scrub

Again, our modern classical Bakhoor oils give this body scrub its traditional scent, with a touch of the modern too.

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For the Home, Car and Wardrobe

Fragrance oils for cars and home infused with sandalwood, bakhoor, jasmine and more

These products are designed to be positioned in various places around the home or in your car, to leave the desired area filled with fragrances that relax, sooth and calm the mind. Made from traditional recipes, with high-quality oils and other natural ingredients, these are a must for any home.

Reed Diffusers

Fully Vegetarian, biologically-based and made from renewable sources, these diffusers can be produced in any of our classic scents.

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Wax Melts

Bring a warming, relaxing ambience to your home, with these wax melts. They’re made from soya, with natural colourants and oils giving them their unique aromas.

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Scented Mixed Beads

Wooden balls and beads in various sizes and scents – place them in your wardrobes to scent your clothing, in your car, or simply distribute them in bowls around the home to enjoy the scent wherever you want.

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Car-Hanging Fragrance Jars

Available in different shapes, sizes and styles, depending on your preference, they also come in any fragrance you could desire.

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