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Bakhoor and fragrant Arabian products shipped throughout the UK.

The age-old tradition of hand-making Bakhoor stretches back centuries, with recipes and techniques passed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation. Now comes a new style of modern Yemeni Bakhoor. Our fragrances are hand crafted to a secret recipe, to produce unique aromas that create a welcoming atmosphere and remind us of home. Take a look at our products and fragrances and start your journey in to Bakhoor Luxe now!




What Do We Sell?

Products to Burn or Smoke

We hand craft many types of  Bakhoor, Adeni Bakhoor, Bridal Bakhoor, Luban Bakhoor and Manatti Mamool.

Bakhoor luxe are all derived from organic, natural ingredients of the purest kind with special mixes of spices, oud wood chips and a selection of scented oils combined to impart a unique, soothing and comforting aroma.

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Burn & Smoke

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Cleanse & Moisturise

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Products for Skin and Hair

Along side our Bakhoor home fragrances , we also produce hair serums and body creams to leave your skin with long lasting amazing scent, making your hair and skin feel soft and smell wonderful. These products are mixed with the  very same fragrances that are found in our Bakhoor, it is so enticing and relaxing. All our hair and body range are custom made to order

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Fragrances for the Home and Car

These include reed diffusers, wax melts and scented beads, to provide a constant, gentle fragrance, throughout the home. For the car, we offer small bottled diffusers of fragrance to be hung from the rear-view mirror, releasing calming scents as you drive.

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Car & Home

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What is Bakhoor?

Bakhoor is the Arabic name given to what looks like chunks of broken, sugary, dark candy. it is  also known as Bakhur, an Arabic word which means “Fumes.” It is widely known for perfuming houses or surroundings,

It’s a blend of natural, traditional ingredients (mainly wood chips), soaked in fragrant oils for months and mixed with other natural ingredients to create a unique and divine high quality eastern scents. .


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Why Use Bakhoor?


To perfume the home.


To mark special occasions, such as weddings.


To welcome guests, as a gesture of hospitality.


To boost positive energy and promote wellness.




Wax melts infused with rose, sandalwood and more.



Not sure what you’re after?

Order one of our sample boxes and try a selection! All of our fragrances are designed and mixed by hand. Each one is completely unique, made to a secret recipe, developed over decades of practice. We also deliver within 3 miles of Sheffield!

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Why Shop with Us?

Handmade to Order

Every product we produce, with the exception of our Bakhoor (which needs time to age), is hand-made to order. That way, we can ensure the quality of every batch of cream or fragrance and make sure that nothing is amiss.


As we’ve said, everything is made to order. As well as ensuring quality, this allows us to create any fragrance combination you might like and design each of our products bespoke to your needs. If there’s something in particular that you’re looking for, or if you’ve bought from us before and have a suggestion on how we can improve, just let us know!

Free From

We design and create all of our products with inclusivity in mind. That’s why our Yemeni Bakhoor in Sheffield, as well as everything else we produce (aside from our Zabaad cream, which has a beeswax base), is completely free from animal products (no animal cruelty here), as well as containing no alcohol or nuts, wherever we can help it.



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